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Studies Have Shown That Yoga Can Be As Effective As Reducing Blood Pressure

Studies Have Shown That Yoga Can Be As Effective As Reducing Blood Pressure

Studies Have Shown That Yoga Can Be As Effective As Reducing Blood Pressure: A study shows that oga can be as effective as lowering blood pressure.
The study found that volunteers with high levels improved after only 15 minutes of activity per day.
About 12 million adults take medication for high blood pressure, which is the biggest cause of heart disease and stroke.
The new study involved 60 volunteers with high blood pressure.
Only 15 minutes of “street dog” exercise every Friday, found that their readings were reduced by approximately 10%.
Scientists say that this is similar to taking pills in patients, which is often used for high blood pressure.

Flexibility What kind of yoga should I try?
In order to better sleep: find shade or restore yoga classes, usually completed with the support of blankets, cushions and carpets under candlelight.

For weight loss: Vinyasa Flow dynamic course, they tend to posture and dance-like sequence linked. If you are a beginner, do not be afraid because the action can be adapted, but tell the teacher.

For muscle conditioning: Try Iyengar yoga, a precise yoga style, you can hold up to 20 times to breathing posture, and focus on the details of each alignment and posture. This is ideal for beginners because you use accessories to help you get into the pose.

In order to improve the mood: Anusara Yoga is a modern yoga form of Los Angeles, focusing on alignment, but usually gentle movements to express optimism music.

Pain Relief: Yoga therapy is performed by trained teachers to help treat injuries or illnesses.

16-year-old 阿肖克潘迪 (Ashok Pandey) carried out the study as a school project, he said, participants either do yoga postures for beginners, relaxation, stretching or deep breathing.

After three months, the yoga group’s blood pressure dropped 9.7%.

Those who only breathed deeply reduced the reading by 7.1% and stretched by 4.5%. However, simply leaving time to relax has no effect.
His work was supported by the Cambridge Heart Care Center in Canada and was presented at the conference of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich.
The child said: “The results show that yoga can be an important tool to reduce blood pressure.
“These are simple gesture, which does not require a lot of flexibility, anyone can do it, so it can be applied in a wider range

“A large part of the benefits can be attributed to deep breathing.

“This is clinically significant, it should not be used to replace existing treatments, but yoga in existing treatment programs.”

The researcher is currently recruiting 500 people to participate in the Laval University trial.
Dr. Paul Poirier of Laval University said: “Yoga likely that patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) are interested to better regulate their stress levels and blood pressure.”

Cardiology professors Charalambos Antoniades of the University of Oxford, according to a diuretic [pill] – commonly used to treat the disease – blood pressure can be reduced by approximately 10-20%.

Metin Avkiran deputy medical director of the British Heart Foundation said: “Yoga and other alternative methods to help patients with high blood pressure, but have no way to reduce blood pressure proven to be replaced, including healthy lifestyle Starting, and taking the recommended general practitioner.

“This study suggests that some components of yoga, such as deep breathing and stretching, may have some role in lowering blood pressure alone, they are easy to adopt, unlikely to cause any harm.”

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