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This Week’s Workout: Build Your Own Upper Body Circuit

This Week’s Workout: Build Your Own Upper Body Circuit

This Week’s Workout: Build Your Own Upper Body Circuit: If you are a large group and set up a training program, here is an exercise that allows a variety of fitness levels, while using a variety of exercises, upper body joints and in multiple planes of movement and range of motion. . This circuit of the upper body “build your own” looks like this:

Use push, pull, core, transport and operating method, the following exercise allows users to change the exercise each group, but the same work in the following categories of muscle groups

Pull – any pull movement (pull up, pull down, line, bicep curls)
Push: any extraction movement (push-ups, benches, military presses, TRX push-ups, tricep extensions)
Core: 1 minute of any basic practice (sit-ups, sit-ups, flapping, slats, etc.)
Repeat the circuit of the upper body twice before moving to the carry / stroke section.
Carry – carry on the shoulder or head of a punching bag, a farmer walk kettlebells, grab a farmer to walk, or fire with a man 100 meters away (if they carry firemen, then with partners 50 / fifty).

The Olympic season is divided into three phases. The first stage is open. This five-week five-week training will take place in the winter at CrossFit’s affiliated gym and garage. The exercises are published online every Thursday and athletes must submit their scores by Monday. Anyone who is at least 14 years old can register for the first phase of the CrossFit Games season.

This part is really a basic exercise, but the whole body is affected throughout the fast march or jog as a weight-bearing exercise. Depending on what you wear, it will determine the work of the muscle group.

Carrying bags of sand on the shoulders can simulate the transport of logs during PT registration.
Putting a punch bag on your head can also simulate a transport boat or other equipment on your head.
The tray has a pure grip and movement of the base: walk 100 meters while the splint between the fingers and the thumb will test the handle. If you choose to pinch / carry a 45-pound plate, you may only want to take one and change hands during the journey.
Run 1 mile: use this race to calculate the pace of your target mile. If you have regular operation, you will receive training in the future as part of the test.

In other words, if you are training 9 minutes 1.5 miles of running timing, please finish here 6 minutes on (or close to). You can also mix quickly / slowly along the mile. 1/4 mile fast trip, 1/4 mile slow motion x 2 – If you then decide you want to run the timed target speed or allow it to allow you to drive faster than the target speed of your marching limits / breathing.

Repeat the previous circuit a total of 4 times. Therefore, this is equivalent to 8 sets of push, pull, core and 4 sets of carry and run
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Stew Smith, a Navy SEAL veteran and tactical fitness expert at trained this week.
The members of 374 Navy Wing Support Squadron provide hot food during field training. The Marine Corps is the latest to offer clean food options to the military to improve nutrition and athletic performance. (Marine)
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The best athletes from 18 regions around the world are eligible to participate in the second phase of the competition: Regionals. Regionals is a three-day live event from May to June. The best athletes from both regions combine and compete in one of the nine regions to qualify for the CrossFit Games qualifier.

Through the trials conducted in the regions, the 40 men, 40 women and 40 most suitable teams qualified for the Olympic Games. Each of North America, Europe and Australia has sent the first five. The Meridian area sends four and Latin America will send one from each department.

This season reached its climax at Reebok CrossFit Games in 2018. At this stage of the season, the stadium has been reduced from hundreds of thousands of open athletes to the best of 40 men, 40 women, 40 teams, 80 teenagers and 240 teachers. world. CrossFit Games ranks the best people in the world and determines who is the best

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