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Yoga And Aerobic Exercise Together Can Improve Heart Disease Risk Factors

Yoga And Aerobic Exercise Together Can Improve Heart Disease Risk Factors

Yoga And Aerobic Exercise Together Can Improve Heart Disease Risk Factors: When the hockey team of Canadian Olympic women to prepare for the tournament in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, a group of researchers from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University had an idea. They want to determine if heat stress can increase an athlete’s performance by increasing the amount of plasma in the blood. To find the answer, they asked the athletes to perform a six-day hot yoga immediately before the six-day training camp.

According to the research presented in the Octave Heart Study in the United Arab Emirates, compared to those who were Indian yoga or aerobic exercise alone, in addition to aerobic exercise also practice yoga blood pressure patients with diseases of the heart, cholesterol levels and body mass index Twice The Social Conference, in collaboration with the Middle Heart Association of the American Heart Association, will be held in Dubai from October 19 to 21, 2017.

It has been shown that lifestyle interventions help reduce the risk of death and the complications of heart disease when used with medical treatment. Hindu yoga is a combination of the whole body, mind and soul, and is a common practice throughout India. Researchers in this study specifically studied the effects of Indian yoga and aerobic training on coronary risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetic heart disease.

The study investigated 750 patients who were previously diagnosed with coronary heart disease. A group of 225 patients participated in aerobic exercise, another group of 240 patients participated in Indian yoga, the third group of 285 participated in yoga and aerobics. Three yoga and / or aerobic exercises are performed in each group for six months.

Only the exercise with oxygen and only the yoga group showed a similar blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, weight and waist circumference decreased. However, the combination of yoga and aerobic exercise was reduced by a factor of two compared to the other groups. They also showed a significant improvement in left ventricular ejection fraction, diastolic function and exercise capacity.

“The combination of aerobic exercises and yoga in India to reduce pressure on mental, physical and blood vessels, can reduce cardiovascular mortality and morbidity,” said Dr. Cardiology preventive researcher Dr. Sonal Tanwar and cardiologist Naresh Sen . HG SMS Hospital in Jaipur, India. “Cardiac patients can benefit from learning Indian yoga and making it a regular part of everyday life.

The results were not quite what the research team expected, but they pointed out the performance benefits that hot yoga could bring before the game. Scientific team of sports, former PhD Experimental Medicine UBC Andrew Perrotta explain this finding, the results recently published in the “Journal of the Force and its regulation.”

Why is the athlete’s plasma volume important?

Plasma is the moisture of the blood. It does not carry oxygen as efficiently as red blood cells, but it increases the total blood volume, which makes the heart more effective. The heart is a pump: the more blood returns to it, the more blood it will release to the rest of the body. Therefore, basically, the heart becomes more efficient and allows you to work at a higher intensity.

How is the result different from your expectations?

According to previous work, we believe that the athlete’s blood volume will swell after a few days of heat stress in hot yoga. We see the opposite. Most athletes are dehydrated, so they lose a lot of plasma. But the interesting thing is: once again start vigorous exercise during the training camp, it will have a huge slingshot effect, we have a few days to see an increase of around 13% of the plasma volume. We hope to help improve performance during the game.

How is the slingshot effect explained?

We can only assume that the body is ready after dehydration in hot yoga. It can increase certain hormones that conserve water and sodium. Once you start exercising again, the body’s natural response is to increase the amount of plasma and make it more efficient. Because the athletes are ready to enter the training camp, the increased movement has produced an overcompensation effect that has led to this rebound on a large scale.

Physiologically, what is the difference between this and the illegal method of blood stimulants that we have heard?

Unlawful stimulants of blood, including the ent

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